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[토요일] 한국어 강좌 - 신락균

143 High St, New Malden KT3 4BH, UK



신락균 Rakgyun Shin


MA Linguistics, University College London
BA Korean Language Education as a second language

Certificate of Korean language teacher, level 2

Teaching experience
Freelance Korean teacher (Online/Offline) (2020-)
Korean teacher at London Korean Hankyoreh school in New Malden (2021-)
Korean teacher at Korean Cultural and Art Centre in New Malden (2021-)

Learning objective
Students can read and write Korean alphabets
Students can talk about their daily lives (Greetings, food, job, nationality, hobby, etc.)
Students learn basic vocabulary(nationality, time, numbers, location, food, weather, shopping etc.)
Students understand basic grammar, expressions(declarative / interrogative / negation / tense / suggestion / etc.)

Learning focus
This course is mainly focused on speaking and listening ability
There might be some reading and writing activities

Teacher’s greeting
Hello guys, nice to meet you. My name is Rakgyun. I am a Korean language teacher and a master student at UCL, studying linguistics.
I love learning languages, and I have studied different languages in my free time. Learning languages is always fun and I think it also broadens your mind!
Also, I know it is difficult to study a new language and make it a habit. Korean might be a bit mysterious language with picture-like characters to some of you. However, I am pretty sure you will enjoy it once you join this class and start learning Korean.
With me, you will take the first step into the Korean language as well as culture and society from time to time.
I am really looking forward to meet you all in the class.
See you soon!


143 High St, New Malden KT3 4BH, UK

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