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[화요일] 삶이나무 문학 수업

143 High St, New Malden KT3 4BH, UK



삶의 나무
<Life as Trees>

English-translated Korean Literature to build up peaceful mind, resilience and humanistic philosophy by applying the theories of George Mead, Abraham Maslow and The Wheel of Life.

HAN Eui-Jong

-2013 Created Kor Lit Discussion Group in KCCUK.
-Mainly worked as Community Liaison Officer for DSFA(FCO) and Interpretor for OVIS, FCO(Now FCDO), and British Embassies and British Council in Ankara.

-Teaching Assistant at British Int'l Schools in Taipei and Bangkok
-Also interpreted for Korean authors visiting Literature Festivals in UK and Ireland.

*2014 MA (SOAS)
Kor Lit.
*2000 Psychology BA
*1969 Korea Uni (Philosophy: 69025)

[삶의 나무: Life as Tree]

한국소설 영어번역본을 핵심 발췌 구독으로 작품 감상. 희로애락의 폭넓고 심오한 삶 속에서 아름다움을 지속적으로 발굴하여 독자의 감성과 공감을 나누는 K-literature시간입니다.

At Dusk
(해질무렵- 황석영 작가)
1. P63-P108
2. P109-P150

The Disaster Tourist
(밤의 여행자들- 윤고은 작가)
252쪽 총 7장 + 작가와 번역가 후기 등
봄학기에 맞춰 끝낼 예정입니다.


143 High St, New Malden KT3 4BH, UK

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